11 Month Home Inspection

11 Month Home Maintenance

Make sure you exit your warranty coverage with confidence in the systems covered by your builders one-year warranty. If you’re enjoying your first year in a brand-new built home, remember that most builder warranties on major mechanical systems will expire in a year. Don’t get caught responsible for costs that could’ve been covered by your builder warranty. Contact Allinspected for a 11-Month Home Evaluation. Remember…when it’s safe to we climb on roofs, we remove electric panel face plates, and we use thermal imaging to go above and beyond the North Carolina Standards of Practice.

Allinspected Home Inspection Checklist

Allinspected home inspectors, when conditions are safe to, will climb on roofs, remove electric panel face plates, and will Always use thermal imaging within our inspections, consistently performing beyond the scope of North Carolina’s Standards of Practice.

Below are the areas of home inspection that are always included per North Carolina Standards of Practice. Within each of the categories listed, our home inspectors will have to Inspect, Describe, Probe, Operate, Open, Enter and Report on the following:

Inspect -Foundation, Floors, Walls, Columns/Piers, Ceilings, Roof

Describe– Foundation, Floor Structure, Wall Structure, Columns/Piers, Ceilings, Roof Structure

Probe- Where deterioration is suspected

Enter- Crawl Spaces, Basements, Attics

Inspect- Wall Cladding, Flashings, Trim, Entryway doors, Garage Door, Decks, Balconies, Stoops, Steps, Areaways, Porches, Railings, Eaves, Soffits, Fasciae, Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Vegetation, Grading and Drainage

Describe- Wall Cladding Material

Operate- All Entryway Doors, Garage Doors *testing automatic reverse function

Probe- Exterior wood components where deterioration is suspected

Inspect- Roof Coverings, Drainage Systems, Flashings, Chimneys, Penetrations

Describe- Roof Covering Type (Material)

Report- Methods used to inspect the roof

Inspect- Interior Water Supply, Distribution System to include:  Piping Materials, Supports, Insulation, Fixtures/Faucets, Functional Flow, Leaks, Cross Connections, Drain, Waste and Venting, Hot Water Equipment, Normal Operating Controls, Automatic Safety Controls, Chimneys, Flues, Vents, Fuel Storage and Sump Pumps

Describe- Water Supply and Distribution Piping Materials, Drain-Waste-Vent Piping Materials, Water Heating Equipment, Fuel Source, Storage Capacity, Location of Main Water Shut-Off

Operate- All Plumbing Fixtures and All Exterior Faucets

Inspect- Service Conductors, Grounding Equipment, Main Overcurrent Device, Main & Distribution Panels, Amperage & Voltage Rating of Electrical Service, Branch Service Conductors, Ampacity Compatibility

Operate- Ceiling Fans, Lighting Fixtures, Switches/Receptacles, Polarity/Grounding of all Receptacles within 6 feet of Interior Plumbing Fixtures, all Exterior/Garage Receptacles, Smoke Detectors, Permanently Installed CO Alarms

Report- Any Single-Strand Aluminum Branch Circuit Wiring, Absence/Presence of Smoke Detectors and CO Alarms

Inspect- Heating Equipment, Normal Operating Controls, Chimneys, Flues, Vents, Solid Fuel Heating Devices, Heating Distribution Systems, Fans, Pumps, Ducts, Piping, Supports, Insulation, Air Filters, Registers, Radiators, Fan Coils, Convectors, Heat Source in Each Room, Energy Source, Distribution Type

Operate- Normal Operating Controls

Open- Readily Accessible Access Panel

Inspect- Central Air, Through-The-Wall Systems, Air Handling Equipment, Normal Operating Controls, Distribution Systems, Fans, Pumps, Duts, Piping, Supports, Dampers, Insulation, Air Filters, Registers, Fan Coil Units, Absence/Presence Installed Cooling Source for Each Habitable Space

Describe- Energy Sources, Cooling Equipment Type

Operate- Normal Operating Controls

Open- Readily Openable Access Panels

Inspect- Walls, Ceiling, Floors, Steps, Stairways, Balconies, Railings, Counters and Cabinets, Doors, Windows

Operate- Windows and Doors

Report- Signs of water penetration, harmful condensation

Inspect- Insulation and Vapor Retarder in Unfinished Spaces, Ventilation of Attics and Foundations, Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom Venting Systems

Describe- Insulation in Unfinished Spaces, Absence of Insulation in Unfinished Spaces at Conditioned Surfaces

Operate- Readily Accessible Attic Ventilation Fan, Thermostatic Controls

Move- Insulation where evidence suggests, and at: earth-filled stoops, plumbing drain/waste pipe penetrations, porches and exterior doors.

Inspect/Operate- Dishwasher, Range, Microwave, Garbage Disposal, Ventilation Equipment