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Home Inspection Is an Incredible Bargain.  Just Ask Any Dentist…

A thorough and professional home inspection is one of the greatest bargains available today for home owners well beyond the pre-purchase inspection, which is the most common.

Consider the costs of a mouth that’s been unseen by a dental professional year after year. Besides getting ourselves in trouble from time to time with the things we say aloud, our mouths are critically integrated to our every day living.  Our homes are no different.  If homeowners wait for the “bad breath” to show itself, they’ll be faced with root canals, caps, fillings and pulled teeth during the course of their stay.  Like any dentist would suggest, it’s vital that homeowners remain in touch with the condition of their home to prevent serious issues from continuing their damage without notice.

The professional home inspector is a trained “Generalist” that brings specific know-how investigatory skills including the proper techniques and instruments necessary to determine the condition of all critical systems that make a home safe and comfortable.   The cost of bringing specific licensed professionals for all of the separate systems that make your home work safely and comfortably on a regular basis would be extraordinary and wasteful.  Why pay the premium for specific know-how unless you need it.  You certainly wouldn’t hire an oral surgeon to perform your annual teeth cleaning.

The home inspector “Generalist” will provide sellers and realtors more confidence about their home pricing, especially through the inevitable negotiation.  Knowledge is necessary as it is powerful while negotiating anything.  An effective home inspector will keep major surprises from landing atop your deal.  That same home inspector will assist home owners on an annual basis.  Whether protecting the new build home owner from missing out on a warranty claim or simply monitoring the changes of every home, the home inspector will become as trusted a practitioner for your home as your family dentist.

North Carolina home inspectors are bound by the State Licensure Act to inspect the following unless prescribed differently in the contract signed prior to the inspection:

  •  Exterior
  • Roofing
  • Interiors
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation and Insulation
  • Built-In Appliances

Within each of these areas of inspection are specific operating procedures which help ensure that, at the time of the inspection, the most critical information is available to maintain your home’s safe and comfortable living standards.  The best home inspectors work above and beyond the state requirements and if you have any question as to whether the home inspector your speaking with does, just ask them.  They should be able to clearly explain if and how they perform their inspections beyond the scope of requirements.  Examples would be to walk the roof, when safely possible or whenever possible taking pictures of the inside of a flue, or opening and closing every window.

Consider Scheduling a Home Inspection today in order to prevent having to schedule a root canal tomorrow.